A New Perspective in
Lake and Pond Management

About Michigan Lakefront Solutions

Focused on protecting and enhancing our aquatic resources through proper lake management. Lakes and ponds should be treated as resources for all, protected for their life preserving ability. We aim to educate homeowners and recreational users of the benefits / responsibilities that come with enjoying a lake or pond. We try to strike a balance between those that want to fish, swim, boat or just enjoy the scenery.

We pride ourselves in providing a high level of customer service and working with homeowners for the common goal of a healthy aquatic environment.

We offer:

  • Lake / Pond management services.
  • Products for homeowners to maintain their own ponds or lake frontage.
  • Fountains and aeration systems to reduce algae mats and limit mosquito breeding.
  • Organic Nutrient reduction products for “muck” build-up and to limit nutrient loading.

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