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Amid human health fears over PFAS, Michigan weighs new fish guidance

From Bridgemi.com

  • State regulators are reconsidering the science behind ‘do not eat’ advisories for PFAS in fish
  • Stronger guidance could mean more Michigan fish flagged with health warnings
  • The growing toll of industrial pollution threatens an $2.3 billion fishing economy and a way of life

Fish in dozens of Michigan water bodies are under some level of a PFAS contamination advisory, and the number could be poised to grow as state officials reconsider how much tainted fish a person can safely eat. 

As evidence mounts about the health risks from the so-called “forever chemicals,” the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) is reviewing the science behind its PFAS “do not fish” advisories. Health officials aim to decide whether the advisories, crafted in 2014, are strong enough to protect Michiganders from illness caused by “forever chemicals” lurking in their Friday night fish fries.

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