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Anishinaabe tribes work to save Michigan whitefish

From: Bridgemi.com

  • Great Lakes whitefish aren’t reproducing well, sparking concern about the future of commercial fishing
  • There’s hope in Green Bay, Wisconsin, where the fish are doing well because rivers aren’t blocked by dams
  • Michigan tribal scientists are experimenting with ways to boost production in Michigan’s waters

Commercial fishers are catching fewer whitefish in parts of the Great Lakes – and the Anishinaabe people are trying to figure out why. The Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa Indians is looking into low reproduction rates for the fish.

Great Lakes whitefish are pretty popular. Whether it’s smoked whitefish spread or an old-fashioned fish boil, it’s something of a tradition for some folks. But, whitefish has been important to Native Americans for a long, long time.

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