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Lake and Pond Management

Frequently Asked Questions

Permits / Laws

Q. Do you need a permit to treat a lake or pond?

A. In most cases a permit is required. This includes permits for water dye, bacteria, herbicides and algaecides. We can help determine if a permit is needed or contact the MI-EGLE at 517-284-5593.

Q. Can I buy products without a permit?

A. Yes you can, a permit is only required when applying products.  We can assist you in obtaining an MI-EGLE permit.

Q. Do you need a written contract to hire a contractor?

A. Yes, per Michigan Dept. of Agriculture and Rural Development rules, a written contract is required for chemical application.

Q. Are applicators required to be licensed?

A. Yes, we are licensed by the Michigan Dept. of Agriculture and Rural Development.  They assure that we are properly insured and trained as required by state law.  Businesses are required to get a new license annually and applicators are required training and/or testing every 3 years.  To search licensed companies please click here.


Q. Are the chemicals safe?

A. When applied properly the risk to humans and animals is minimal.  For more information please view a video from Purdue University Dept. of Botany and Plant Pathology, to understand how the products work on plants vs. animals.

Q. Who decides which chemicals can go in the water?

A. All products are first reviewed a approved by the Environmental Protection Agency, then Michigan requires approval by both the MI-EGLE and MDARD.  Then all products are reviewed on a per water body basis to check for endangered species or other environmental issues before they are approved.


Q. When do you post treatment signs?

A. As a standard, we post lakes 24-72 hours prior to treatment.  In rare cases we will post the day of treatment in accordance with MI-EGLE regulations.

Q. What if I went swimming and didn’t see the sign, will I be okay?

A. Yes, in most cases you will be fine.  We recommend you rinse off with a hose or in a shower just to be safe.  You would have to come into contact with the undiluted product or drink gallons of treated water.  Please read our Risk / Benefit Statement for more information.

Q. Is it safe to fish and consume the fish?

A. Yes, all products currently approved in Michigan have no fishing restrictions.

Q. When can my dog swim after treatment?

A. Household pets would fall under the swimming restriction of 24 hours. Animals in agricultural operations meant for milk production or consumption have longer restrictions.

Q. I left my sprinklers on and my grass and flowers were watered after treatment, will they die?

A. In most cases no, established turf is very hearty and will show minimal to no damage.  The bigger risk is to delicate flowers, bushes and vegetable plants.  If you see signs of damage, wilting or spotting, rinse them with a garden hose from a fresh water source and they should be fine.  It is rare to have a loss of plants from treated lake water.

Fountains / Aeration

Q. Will a fountain or aeration system kill weeds or algae?

A. No, they will circulate water to limit the formation of algae mats.  They can also decrease the amount of organic matter “muck” in the bottom of a lake or pond where plants thrive.

Q. Can I see what a fountain would look like in my pond?

A. Yes, we do have a demo model we can bring to your pond and show you the beauty a fountain would add.

Q. Do you rent fountains for special occasions?

A. This service will be coming soon, please call our office at 989-967-3600 for more details.


Q. Do you have other lake / pond services?

A. Yes, we try to offer an array of valuable services for lake and pond owners.  These include water testing for e.coli and nutrients.  We also offer survey services for vegetation studies and basic lake and pond management issues.  Other services will be available soon.

Have other questions?  Use our Contact Us Page and we will provide you with any information we can.