A New Perspective in
Lake and Pond Management

Our Services

Lake Management

Combining large company experience with small company values, Michigan Lakefront Solutions, LLC. will bring a fresh perspective in Lake and Pond Restoration while maintaining a legacy of exceptional customer service.

We have over 40 years of combined Lake and Pond Management experience and maintain memberships in; Michigan Lakes and Streams Association, Midwest Aquatic Plant Management Society and Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration Foundation, many State, Regional and National Associations that deal specifically with lake and pond matters.

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Nothing adds beauty to your pond like a floating fountain. They not only offer visual appeal but improve the overall health of your pond by constantly circulating your pond. Water movement will reduce surface algae mats and reduce stagnant water to limit mosquito breeding. For those wanting an extra visual experience we offer a full line color LED lighting kits. We also offer service and storage options for worry free maintenance.


Aeration Systems are fully customizable to aerate ponds, canals or even large bays. Utilizing energy efficient compressors and designs that provide maximum airflow to the latest in diffuser design. A properly aerated pond will improve conditions for fish health, reduce algae blooms and decompose organic material in the water
body. Project design services,installation and service programs available.

Retail Products

For owners who like to maintain their own lake or pond.  We offer a full line of commercial grade products that are the same we the professionals use.  From algae to cattails, we can provide a cost effective solution for any situation.   Let our expertise guide you to proper product selection and application techniques. 

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Lake and Pond Testing / Surveys

Want to know what’s hiding in your water? We offer full water testing services. Anything from a simple E. Coli test to assure you have a safe swimming beach all the way to a full lake analysis. We can help guide you to get the best information for yourself or your lake residents. Also, we can provide depth mapping of your lake. Using the latest technology you can find out exactly how deep your lake or pond really is.