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Use caution on unstable bottomlands, do not burn vegetation around failed Mid-Michigan dams

Local, state approvals may be necessary for access or activities

From: Michigan Dept. of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy

With warmer weather here, residents who were affected by the Mid-Michigan dam failures are reminded to check local and state rules before taking part in any activity on the lake and river bottomlands that are now exposed due to lower water levels.

Vegetation and trees have sprouted in areas that were formerly covered by water along the river and lake system that was created by four dams in Gladwin and Midland counties. As a result, the exposed bottomlands may not be stable and could be dangerous to walk or drive on.

“The terrain of the now exposed bottomlands is a dangerous place for recreating, fires can spread quickly, accidents can happen and the first responders lack proper access to assist,” said Jay Eickholt, emergency management coordinator for the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE). “Please follow all posted guidance and recreate in appropriate ways this summer.”

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