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It’s time to clean, drain, dry and dispose!

From: Michigan State University Extension

Boating season is right around the corner. Michigan is a water wonderland and you may be one of the millions of people who are looking forward to taking to the water to fish, paddle or cruise our lakes and rivers this summer. If you are a boater, you likely already know that aquatic invasive species have severely altered many of our waterways. For example, non-native zebra mussels encrust solid surfaces (including boat hulls and motors) below the waterline and their sharp shells make walking barefoot on some beaches out of the question. The invasive Eurasian water milfoil is one of many non-native plants that have choked out favorite fishing spots and swimming holes because of the damage these invaders cause. It is illegal in Michigan to launch a watercraft or place a trailer in the water if it has aquatic plants, zebra mussels or other prohibited species attached.

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