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Starry Stonewort Found in 4 Area Lakes

From: Michigan Lakefront Solutions Staff

On a recent survey of area lakes in Clare, Mecosta and Montcalm Counties, we discovered small infestations of an invasive species called Starry Stonewort. This is a macro algae that is commonly confused with Chara Algae. This invasive species has the potential to cause great impairment to native plant species, fishery habitat and overall recreational use of your lake.

We have been actively studying and managing Starry Stonewort for over 10 years. As of today, we have good methods of control and containment for Starry Stonewort, yet the tools for total eradication do not exist in the aquatics industry. As we progress with managing this invasive, we will use all our resources to come up with a long term solution of total eradication to preserve natural balance in our lakes and ponds.

Below are some links to more information about Starry Stonewort. Use the contact us link if you have any questions.